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Borders In Heaven

Borders in Heaven is a fish-out-of-water romantic comedy that take place in a small village in Macedonia called Heaven. The main protagonist, Donna Lee, is a native New Yorker who is sent there to investigate an insurance scheme perpetrated by the locals.

The tranquil Macedonian countryside is a dramatic change from Donna Lee’s fast-paced life in New York and the medieval village a perfect setting for a clash of two very different ways of life, and an ideal stage for surprises, obstacles and emotional outbursts. Emotional borders and even physical ones are shattered with the help of a village patriarch, a loose-lipped mailman and a dumb and deaf goat herder. A US-educated village doctor is the link between the two worlds and a catalyst for the ripples in Donna Lee’s heartbeat. Magical realism through a few other local characters adds a Don Quixotesque’ atmosphere to the film, with the more realistic aspects of the story reminiscent of notable classics like Cinema Paradiso, Local Hero and Il Postino.

Slated for spring 2019.