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PAVLINA LTD. is a New York‑based independent production company engaged in the development and production of motion pictures for theatrical and non‑theatrical distribution. It was incorporated in 1986 by Pavlina Proevska, President and General Partner. The co-producing partner of Pavlina Ltd, FilmsZaNas DOOEL is based in Macedonia.

The first feature film produced by Pavlina Ltd. in 1987 was The Magic Snowman, a live‑action children's fairy tale starring Roger Moore as the voice of the snowman. The second feature produced in 1992 was the supernatural thriller Happy Hell Night, starring Darren McGavin.

To ensure a long-lasting distribution life and minimal investment risk, the company emphasizes development and production of perennial stories. In keeping with such business strategy, the company has financed the acquisition and development of several children’s properties over the past ten years.

The company's strengths are in the original content it owns, stories about people whose life achievements ought to be brought to light simply because they are part of our human heritage.

The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. - Carl Jung

Pavlina Proevska

A native of Macedonia, Pavlina Proevska studied Public Relations in Paris and worked as a news producer for CBS News NY, and as a field producer for the USA Cable Networks. As an independent film producer since 1986, she has produced several films including The Magic Snowman (a children’s Christmas story, 1988) and Happy Hell Night (a supernatural thriller, 1991).

Ms. Proevska is currently working on the REDUX of The Magic Snowman for release on DVD/Blu-Ray and VOD platforms in 2020. She is also in pre-production of a short docu-drama, My Heart Is No Longer an Orphan scheduled to shoot on locations in Macedonia and Montenegro, later this year.

She has recently completed two documentary films, The Promise of Perfume, and the biopic My American Pilgrimage.

Ms. Proevska is active in the promotion of Macedonia's cultural heritage as the founder and Executive Director of the Macedonian Arts Council. She is fluent in five languages and lives and works in New York City.

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Production - A combination of persistence and blind faith.