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This short film was commissioned by the Canadian-Macedonian Foundation on the occasion of a multimedia concert entitled Oro Makedonsko-Our Kanada at the Toronto Convention Center in the spring of 1994 organized to celebrate the independent Republic of Macedonia.

One of the show’s components was a short live drama about the last five minutes in the life of Goce Delchev, a Macedonian national hero who is considered the father of modern Macedonia. The ten-minute short preceded the live segment.

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Produced by: Macedonian National Television
Producers: Pavlina Proevska, Mile Arsovski
Director: Ivan Mitevski - Kopola
Written by: Goran Stefanovski

Nenad Stojanovski as Gotse
His Eminence Bishop Kirill

Shooting locations:
Skopje, Ohrid, and the village of Vevchani