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Happy Hell Night

Twenty-five years ago at Winfield College, psycho-priest Zachary Malius murdered seven frat boys.

Malius is waiting, secretly locked in Winfield Insane Asylum. Now, he's just a myth; the local boogie man, the sick joke used to scare children. Malius is not afraid to die; living has cured him of that. Sonny Collins, a star freshman student at Winfield College has nerves of steel and a taste for the heroics. He faces the ultimate Phi Delta Kappa hazing: photograph the mythical, monstrous Malius.

Harry Collins, Sonny's brother, is already a Phi Delta Kappa. In a jealous rage and caught in a love triangle with Sonny's girl, Harry would like to even the score. He wants to scare his brother.

But when Sonny finds Malius something goes wrong, Malius escapes. The horrors of his rampage, the mutilation of the Phi Delta Kappa brothers is recreated. But Malius is more than a psychotic killer, he is the devil's henchman brought back from the dead by Sonny and his father, Henry Collins (played by Darren Mc Gavin).

Henry Collins tells his sons the truth; he sold his soul. He must prepare to help them outlive him.

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