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The Magic Snowman REDUX

THEN: Lumiuko, the magic snowman was the voice of Roger Moore and adored by children worldwide. But he did not smile, wink or frown. He was too lazy for that!

In the 2018 revamped version of this perennial children’s film, Lumiuko will get visibly angry, sad, concerned, and often, annoyed.

With his myriad of emotions, he will engage the children more than ever before and ultimately teaches them to believe in themselves and the choices they have to make.

Through the wonderful possibilities offered by CGI and by adding a fresh new score and a sound mix, the re-edited version of this evergreen staple will give the new generation of children a fresh look at a film their parents grew up with.

The magic lives and wonders endure for children everywhere. The memories of those once children themselves endure in the expectations voiced when searching for...the magic snowman.


Director: C. Stanner

Produced by: Pavlina Proevska

With Roger Moore as
the voice of Lumiukko

The Children:
Justin Fried
Dragana Marjanovic
Pavle Bojkovski